Dazzling Star

Assalammualaikum w.b.t. & Hello Lovely.

I just don’t know what’s on earth that makes me wants to own this wordpress thingy-virtual diary sort of,. but I’m pretty sure that this blog will help me enough to record all of my memories,. may it be the good one or the bad one,.

Nothing much for me to post for now. Too many things I need to sort it out-CWA, Court, UKM, and etc. Oh Allah, please grant my wish and make my dream come true. Aminnnnn.

Hoping the best for me and my family for each day. Btw, welcome to my life. Nothing much to be share. It just that this blog is a new place for me to hang out instead of spending my quality time out there with my girls and my fellow rockin friends just to pass my time-which my mom is not really happy at.

You know, seeing your daughter loafing around.

Adios amigos for now everyone.

Assalam and thank you for reading this posts! 😉