Welcome home September. We are meeting again for the 25th times. Andd,. I tell you these are the most ‘my heart skip a beat moment’ as there will be a few changes in my life. But— still all of the process are still in a progress. *sigh*

Guess, waiting is the hardest part huhh?,. from time to time. and month to month. Such a longgggg longg time baby girl.

Especially for a person like me,. I’m not that patience, though. -__-”

  1. My UKM result – Pending appeal
  2. My CWA result – Pending upline
  3. Andd ohh. My road tax renewal 😥

I’m tired of CWA stuff actually you know. I didn’t mean CWA in a particular way – what I mean is the upline – my upline. It’s been like 4 month since I have my own unit trust license but still – I’m not making any penny up-to-date (not even a single cent!?).

I need a new leader which suits my chemistry well cos I áin’t gonna live with you just for a short while,. if possible forever as I really love this sales job.

I’ve learnt from my mistake. If you are ever looking for a leader, please, pleaseee people get ”that” someone who can really pay attention and be there when you needed her the most. Not the one busy with her personal life then claiming her downline in Kay El making awesome monies. Dangg!


I guess the current one is not really working out excellently aight?.. don’t know to whom should I put the blame ON.

 But is okay, that is not the matter of subject btw! ~_~

So September a.k.a Septembre, pleasee, pleasee be really nice to me. I’m hoping. and I’m praying. Too many things on my mind. Over think really makes me wanna cry. I have put my best in every aspect, the only thing now is waiting. And waiting for the outcome is the  H A R D E S T  part.

Pray the best for me dearies. Everything will be just fine in shaa Allah.

Trust in Allah timing baby girl. x

Assalam and thank you for reading this posts!  😉